How to Boost Donations for Nonprofit Organisations

You want to boost donations because you noticed that it became tougher than it used to be. It is time that you review your strategies. Do not be discouraged because there are many ways that you can try to grab the attention of more donors. You can consider the following strategies:

Utilising donation management system

The donation management system includes nonprofit event software that will make your life’s work easier. Aside from that, it will also enhance the donor’s experience. You have to consider a system that can integrate everything because most of the donors prefer to give online. Simply put, donors continue to diversify the ways they choose to give. Having a comprehensive system can make a difference.

Optimise donation page for mobile
Since most of the donors prefer to give online, it is crucial that you optimise the donation page for mobile users. You must know that mobile users surpassed desktop users. However, not all pages are optimised.

If your donation page is optimised, it will benefit the organisation’s reputation making it look modern and relevant. It can ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that if a visitor becomes frustrated when attempting to make a donation, chances are they will leave the site without giving. With this, it is in your best interest to invest in optimising your page for mobile users.

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Exhibit your credibility
Potential donors need to know that they are interacting with a credible organisation. You can appear credible if you consider your page’s security certificates, testimonials, endorsements, and privacy policy. It should not end there because you also need to showcase your number of years doing causes. Finally, you should think about commendation from well-known organisations to fortify your credibility.

Disclose how donations are utilised
Most existing and potential donors want to know how the money will be used. To that end, it is important that you clearly define the percentages of the donations and what it covers. This kind of transparency will make the visitors feel secure to give something. The key here is to show that the money will be put to good use.

Try email campaigns
Email campaigns can be a powerful tool when it comes to conversion and relationship building. You should try sending regular emails to your subscribers for the sake of educating and inspiring. It is better than sending two of three mass donation requests.

Consider text message campaigns
The easiest way to reach potential donors is to send them a text message. This will be effective for potential donors on the go since they check their phones 85 times per day on average. With this, they will not miss the campaign. If you consider this strategy, you should spend time building a contact database. This is where you will get the phone numbers of all your contacts.

Utilise social media
With social media users on the rise, you can tap platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help you spread awareness of your cause. You just need to be creative in presenting the cause. Aside from being creative, it should be emotionally engaging or stirring so they can act immediately.

Regardless of the strategy, the key here is implementation. Make sure that you will implement it and do follow up to boost your donations.