Third Party Verification Services How To Protect Your Business Online

Today, the Internet is a dangerous place, as everyone knows. So how does your business protect fraudulent transactions and identity theft transactions? Third-party verification services offer you the opportunity to do this and more.

It is imperative that organizations today have an online presence. If your company cannot process online transactions, customers will most likely go somewhere else. Initially, an organization could use CAPTCHA processing to help stop the use of bots on the Internet to process transactions. “Bot” can not get these numbers and / or barely legible words, no matter how clever they may be. 

It worked well for a while

However, at present, hackers and spammers have surpassed all processes, newer and more complex processes are required. This will help third-party verification. Thanks to this type of security process, a company uses another software service that sends a text message or makes a phone call to a person who orders or requests services.

This text or phone call will include a special code that must be entered on the site before the process can be continued to place an order or request a new credit card. This gives you the opportunity to automatically verify the person’s identity, because a phone call or text message is sent to the phone number that appears in the list.


Using this type of service has enabled many organizations to lose sales in thousands of dollars.

If you think what happens when you place an order, you can easily imagine how many products and services were provided to fraudulent customers for free. And I say it for free, because in the end, the money that was supposed to go into the business will not be sent.

When a person’s identity 먹튀신고 is stolen or someone uses their credit card without permission, the credit card holder may dispute the charges. When this happens, the company is not paid. As soon as the transaction was proven to be fraudulent, the money was gone forever … as well as products and / or services.

There are many ways an organization can use third-party verification services to protect its online or offline business. By checking that the person making the purchase is indeed the person listed on the credit card or on the order form, you will find that you have fewer losses associated with this type of action.

Authenticating Your Website

Website Authentication on Yahoo! Site Explorer, gives website owners / webmasters access to detailed information; Belonging to the overall functionality of a particular website. In most cases, Yahoo! authenticate ownership of the website; for twenty four hours. To check the authentication status of the website, go to the “My Sites in the Site Explorer” section and check the “Status” field; next to the desired URL. After successfully authenticating the website, owners / webmasters can begin to establish a closer relationship between the websites being optimized; and formidable Yahoo! search system.