Things we need know about SVG Animations

Animations are used to educate, advertise and express emotions without using the actual beings in a more creative manner by using film language, color,and different sound effects. A situation can be magnified and shown yet remains convincing in animation. For example- if a real child is thrown in then it may raise a lot of controversy and some people may not take it too, whereas animation gives a scope to draw the situation without any harsh feeling.

In collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) synchronized multimedia working group, Scalable Vector Graphics SVG animation elements were developed. Scalable Vector Graphics is an open XML-based standard vector graphics format.

SVG Fundamentals

SVG is vector file formats. They have recently found their ways into mainstream web designing. They are popular as they can scale to any size and can look as crisp as they were. Variety of screen resolutions are used by laptops, smartphones, desktops but SVG looks splendid on all of them. Any vector editing program can export SVG files.

SVG animation

XML is used for writing all SVG files. This means they are fixed in a webpage as an SVG file or as raw XML code. Though the syntax may look a little confusing the more one plays with it, it becomes more familiar.

Advantages of using SVG

SVG’s greatest advantage is that it can be resized without compromising with its quality. This is the main reason for its popularity and this is why it is ideal for designing company logos and other designs which may need to be resized. Resolution independence of scalable graphics is really an important issue to look upon as high-resolution devices are more desirable.

As SVG codes are quite lengthy and complex it becomes difficult to troubleshoot the error. As in case of overuse or complex animations the web kit engine can notably slower. Yet these SVG files are easy to create and easy to edit. Changing the basic attributes like outline or color can be done with ease. If one needs to change the vector graphics, they can use vector editing tools. There are some nice free tools like Inkscape, OpenOffice, etc. can be used. Vectors use lines so it becomes easy to create very detailed graphics.

These are not only great for creating static graphs from given numbers but it suits well for ‘live’ graph that is fed dynamically by randomly generated data. Road maps are also built can be zoomed and seen all because of SVG.