Making better decisions with the accurate forecasting software

The Halo’s forecasting software will allow you to simply connect and prepare an array of data from your systems, manage the demand forecasting reports and also cleanse that data. There are different Strategies to do the forecasting like middle up, bottom up and top down. The hierarchy builder of the Halo’s will able your company to forecast from the SKU to the business level. You can then reconcile the results for consistency. The forecasting software will involve the ability to share, collaborate and run an analysis with others.

Managing the risks:

The stunning visualization can be created with drill through the capabilities in order to predict the outcomes. It should be done before taking your business decisions.

demand forecasting

The supply chain analytics platform can be used simply with the demand forecasting engine which is advanced and can be blended with the halo. A clear view of supplier relationships is required effectively to manage the margins. Depending on the hard data the best terms are negotiated so that the predictive KPI’s can gain a leg up. A greater context can be attained in every scenario due to the easy integration of the external data like Libor costs, tax rates, and demographics.

Understanding the demand forecasting:

The future of your business can be influenced by the demand forecasting so that you can understand it in different possible ways which may not seem to be possible in the earlier days. There will no guarantee for your future performance based on the trading partners of your past history. A greater context can be gained in every scenario so that there will easy integration with the external data.

The demand forecasting software can improve the sales along with the operations planning. The buying behavior of the customers can be created with a segmented view. The supply versus demand can be understood by the business users with the help of Halo’s supply chain analytics software.

The monitoring dashboards developed by the halo will document with the trends accuracy metrics in detail. During the forecasting, the factors like product features, discounts, sales channel information, and price are ignored and adjusted later for the accounts. The business results are impacted by the forecasting variance in order to take the corrective action.  We can easily spot the tolerance limits which are approached by the variances in the forecast. The massive data cannot be scaled by the traditional forecasting methods as per the demands of the clients.