How to Setup your Usenet provider with Sickbeard

Sickbeard is one of the most convenient ways to automatically download the TV shows that’s become available on Usenet.  This is free and can integrate well with Plex, Kodi, and as well as other programs and applications. Sickbeard can even be configured to download different torrents where you can automatically attach a TV show art to your files.

Usenet is a discussion system that is distributed all over the world. These are available on our computers. Usenet works smoothly with Sickbeard. So how does it work with Sickbeard? Here are some important reasons why Usenet and Sickbeard is a perfect match.

Usenet servers

Setting Up Your Usenet Provider with Sickbeard

Usenet requires you to have an account with your preferred Usenet Service Provider. You can check out for the most preferred Usenet provider that you can consider. Once you have chosen your Usenet service provider, you can now set-up your Usenet Client.

Sickbeard is one of 2018’s best Usenet Client. This is an app that can do regular automatic downloads for you. It offers automated episode downloads, it can also generate episode metadata, send you notification of recently downloaded episodes through your computer or your phone, and so much more. Once you have all of that setup, you can start finding your content.

Why Choose Sickbeard For Your Usenet Provider?

There are plenty of Usenet Clients that you can choose from. But according to experts, Sickbeard is the best match for any Usenet Provider. Here are the reasons why:

The Automation Convenience

The index sites that have API support have SB backlog that can easily find previous episodes of the TV shows that you like. This is the best way to automatically search for these files compared to other apps. This automated tool works better because the “nzb” index enforces a standard naming system.

The Speed

Sickbeard does not rely on other users. Therefore, your server will have a maximum download speed every time. The new releases will be uploaded to your Usenet provided even before they become available on other public trackers. All of the Usenet accounts created are equally the same. No need to increase your popularity just to get good downloads.

The Privacy And Safety

Usenet does not upload. This means that you are not “sharing” the files. Your IP address will not be visible and nobody would be able to tell that you are downloading. These Usenet servers are using standard SSL ports and encryptions. Even the ISP would not be able to determine if you are downloading from Usenet.