How to Eradicate Password Protection from Windows PC- Passfolk SaverWin Review

Destroying the password protection from your PC is what we are going to discuss here in this article. But what brings you to the point where you have got to eradicate your password protection feature altogether from your system? Well, the answer is quite simple, when you cannot access your computer anymore. When your computer is locked due to losing the system admin password, or forgetting the password after a long usage, bypassing the sign-in page is one of the viable solutions you are left with to reassess your user account again. Now disabling the password facility is not that easy as it sounds to be. In a conventional way, you first have to enter your user account in order to disable the password protection. Once you are in you can use the “User Accounts” settings or control panel, or registry editor to bring about the change. But when you are completely locked out of your very own computer, how do you suppose to do that? And that is where the complication arises.

But you need not worry as we have come up with a wonderful third-party tool which can easily resolve your issue in no time, and it is verily known as Passfolk SaverWin. Initially I too hesitated to use when I first got introduced to this tool by one of my friends. But in time I learned that not choosing to use it was a real bad decision, as this is one of the finest softwares that you can ever come up with while disabling a locked computer’s password feature.

I have used tool to test whether it can actually bypass the sign-in screen or not. I have used a very strong password to protect my computer that no other Windows password recovery tool could recover like NT password, PCunlocker, etc. So, it’s time to put SaverWin on the test to check if it can actually remove the password from my computer.

But yes, there are certain preparations that you first need to make before starting to use the SaverWin tool. The preparations involve the possession of a minimum storage capacity optical disk, which can either be an USB or CD/DVD; a spare accessible computer or laptop for the creation of the bootable disk and the Passfolk SaverWin software.

One you are equipped with all the necessary pre-requisites, first of all download the SaverWin software from After installation run the program with admin rights and select “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type. Connect your vacant removable disk into the computer and click either “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” buttons depending upon the type of disk inserted.

When you receive a notification as “Burning Successfully!”, click “Ok” to terminate the burning process and instantly eject the loaded bootable disk.

Now; re-connect the studded bootable disk into the target locked computer and boot from it. You might need to enter the BIOS settings to change the booting preference order to load from the inserted bootable disk. Once the ISO image files are loaded, click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons subsequently.

Your system will be restarted in the meantime and after it turns on again, you will be auto-logged on without any password prompting which clearly shows that the password protection feature has been disabled. So, as you can see, if you really wish to get rid of your password forgetting issue, you must rely on Passfolk SaverWin alone to do away the issue. But make sure to keep the SaverWin installed in your spare computer, as you might need it in the nearby future if you ever happen to forget your password again.

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