Digital Island: The Best Broadband Provider in New Zealand

Digital Island is one of the most trusted telecommunications company in New Zealand. They currently have the best bundle plans that you can choose from especially for your businesses. All of their bundles can provide you with the best internet service with additional services if you must. But one of their greatest pride is their UFB Fibre NZ Internet.

            In this generation where broadband is very important, we need to have the best provider for our business. Good thing that Digital Island happens to be the best internet provider in town. No need to look further! So let us see the different broadband bundles that you can choose from.

Digital Island

            This company is very known to provide their customers with internet, data, mobile and landline services. They can also add PBX solutions on top of these services that are perfect for any New Zealand business. They aim to provide high-quality business telecommunications services and also expert advice when the customer needs it. This company is 100% Kiwi owned so they know what every NZ businesses need and have a better understanding of the New Zealand business environments.

Business UFB

            Business UFB or Ultra-Fast Broadband is Digital Island’s high speed, reliable and with promises high-performance fiber broadband connection for your business. This comes with a business grade router and a wifi. It will provide you with a fast access to different things on the internet that will benefit your business. This includes video conferencing, accounting, and also banking or downloading.

This is also the best plan if you and your staff will be doing plenty of file uploads. This is 10 times faster compared to the ADSL. with Business UFB, it will greatly affect your business’s productivity which is just about the same amount that you pay on your current broadband service provider.

The Business UFP Plans

Fibre NZ

  • 100/100 Mbps 300GB of date for $99
  • 100/100 Mbps Unlimited Internet $119
  • 200/200 Mbps Unlimited Internet for $139

Corporate Fibre

            Corporate Fibre is the fiber optic data services that can guarantee you with high speeds of up to 500Mbs. These are both for uploads and downloads made available for you 24/7. This is considered as the “gold standard”. This means that the Corporate Fibre is highly reliable. It has a primary connection to a WAN which includes Data Centre of Server location. This plan is best for large offices and locations where internet is a must. This is also perfect for universities or other educational institutions where the internet needs to supply at least 100 students.

VDSL Business Broadband

            If you need to have a faster internet compared to the ADSL2+ but don’t have an access to UFB yet, this is the best plan for you. This is a high-speed internet option for businesses. VDSL which means “very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line” Digital Island would be able to provide you with the best internet for your business.

With the digital world’s continuous evolution in technology, it is not a secret that every company now has internet service. This benefits both the staff and the business. It increases productivity while making communications faster. This is the reason why when you are looking for a broadband service provider, consider Digital Island. They are one of the best in NZ.