There are many proxy over the internet in which CroxyProxy is one ofthe free online proxy thatwe have. Thisproxy is highly advanced and it is regarded as the best secured web proxy service online. Different websites such search engine, social networks like Facebook, and Instagram, email services are supported by this unique and free web proxy. With it, you can easily access google, Gmail, network, and different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Youcan do all these with you internet protocol address hidden. You can do this through the usage of encrypted connection. You can surf, and download any videos undictated. It is a direct substitute for VPN.  It is proxy browser and as such does not need you wasting your data to download or configure anything. Everything is done free of charge.

The quick links to this online are access Gmail, access Facebook, access Google, access Twitter and access YouTube.

The Features of the Free CrozyProxy

  • Your internet protocol address of any location you are in is hidden.
  • You can surf any websites anonymously.
  • All websites are made SSS encrypted.
  • You can CrozyProxy on any operating system such as Android and Chrome operating system.
  • It gives you a permalink feature which you can use for sharing of pages with your friends.

Advantages of CrozyProxy

  • CrozyProxy is a better web proxy service over other proxies with so many gaps. Some of the reasons why you need to consider this proxy over others are:
  • CrozyProxy works well with YouTube proxy and proxy of every other video website.
  • You cannot detect this proxy with fingerprint as it is a regular HTTPS. That is, the web proxy is secured.
  • You don’t need to pass your traffic as it is possible to open a web page through the proxy.
  • Just as stated before, no configuration is needed. CrozyProxy serves as a proxy browser.
  • It is free of charge unlike most web proxy service.

 Youtube proxy

Itis of paramount importance to note that this free web proxy worksperfectly with YouTube. With it, you can proxy all YouTube features such as watching videos, checking comments, writing comments and authorizing. You can access millionsof videos from any location without having any worries about your IP address. Remember, our proxy is free. You can give our YouTube proxy a try now.


Before the development of this free online proxy we carried out an extensive research on different proxies used by internet users as well as gather some of them. After running a check on the proxies, we saw many limitations. Most of them were not comfortable to use at all. We went ahead to develop a better one known as CrozyProxy.