Free Internet Radio- a new concept to music! Music is the soul, music is passion, music is the light that portrays devotion! Music has always been in the heart of people since a very long time! During the era of the Maharajas and Maharanis, they used to entertain themselves with the live performances of tabla, sitar, flute etc. Thus, helping them relax from their daily track of wars, quarrels, truce and betrayal!

 It was pretty tough to survive back then! The wars could be ignited anytime irrespective of the time of the day and hence, few relaxing activities were always a must to keep everyone in their healthy state of mind. With the passing years, the source of music and music itself molded to something new every time! Today, being coaxed by the net web, one has an access to the music with just a click! A lot easier than it has been before.

Unlike yesteryears, today music has a lot to offer on the table! Variety, if I be precise! Free Internet Radio is one such source of music, offering a wide range of music tastes. The music has developed and evolved with the passing time. Today, its diversification is the key of its worthwhile importance. is the site holding the above statement true! It always has something new to offer. Some of the genres are:

  • ALTERNATIVE NATION: It includes the 90’s and 80’s hits, along with some grunge and pop music. It has a total of 5 stations.
  • THE WORSHIP: It includes the devotional songs, having 4 stations in combination to Christianity!
  • JUST FOR LAUGHS: It includes one liner, female laughs only, and safe at work comedy. In total there are 4 stations.
  • COUNTRY STRONG: It includes the hit tracks from the country, having 6 stations!
  • HIP HOP BOOM BOX: It has the hip hop tracks to sway your body on the amazing beats. It contains a total of 8 stations.
  • KEEP IT SMOOTH JAZZ: It consists a jazz music to soothe the ears and relax, consisting of 4 stations!
  • LATIN PROUD: This holds an amazing collection of Latin music. It has a total of 5 stations.
  • SWEAT WORKOUT: This includes the music that pumps up the workout session! It includes 7 stations!

Going through this, could one imagine what it would be like to listen to music in 2017! Well this is nothing, just tighten the seat belt and plug in your headphones because, there’s a lot more to come! I won’t deny that, Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears, straight to the heart!