Know more about the Tatkal Bookings

Having to travel means you have to get ready ahead of time to avoid such hassles. You wouldn’t want your ride to leave you, right? but surprisingly, there are still people that have not learned from their experiences and would still forget to book their tickets which would mean that they will have a hard time booking for a ticket, or have their travels delayed a day or two because of that. Luckily in India, they have what you call the Tatkal Bookings where you can still book your train ticket, but only the day before you are supposed to leave.

Tatkal Bookings have started since the year 2013 and a lot has changed over the past few years. At first, the booking is supposed to start two days before they are supposed to go and the bookings starts at 8am and ends after 2 hours. then on the year 2016, they changed the time to 10am to 12nn every day. But due to the high demand and the fact that the tickets are always sold out, the tatkal booking timings irctc 2017 have changed the bookings into one hour for every class because most of the time, they run out of tickets within an hour, sometimes in 45 minutes.

Can people book their tickets offline if ever they can’t book through online?

The simple answer is, yes. They can book their tickets at the station but they have to be aware with the booking timings. The booking times for both online and offline is the same and there are no exceptions for this since they are very strict regarding the buying of the tickets since it’s not only you who needs to go somewhere.

Can somebody help book the tickets for you?

They have what you call an Agent who can do the booking for you, but you just have to pay them a fee because they will be processing everything for you. There are two booking types. One is AC Class and the other is called the Sleeper Class. The booking time for the AC Class starts at 10am until 11am only, and for the Sleeper Class the booking time start at 11am to 12nn. The agents, however, will start at 10.30 am until 11.20am which is the booking time for the AC Class. And 11.30am to 12.30pm for the Sleeper Class. They have an allotment of 30 minutes.

Are there any extra charges aside from the ticket itself?

Most of you, especially the foreigners, probably don’t know that there are charges that you will be paying in order to complete the transaction and get your ticket. This is called the base fare and will depend on your booking. There will also be a minimum and maximum charges depending on your reservation type. There are these charges because it depends on your booking type. Extra comfort means extra money.

Booking a train ticket, especially in India, is not that easy and you need to make sure that you have yours booked days before your actual departure because you might not get that ticket that you want. being aware pays off.