Go for the selfie drones and try using the follow me option on that

Drone is a device which is widely used for many of the purpose, there a many of the sensor, which get attached to the sensor of different variations to get use of that and to know many things about that. The types of sensor used in the drones are

  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Sonar pulse sensor
  • Light pulse distance measurement sensor
  • Speed sensor

All this type of sensor are used by many of them, but it is not possible for all to get the proper drones of their choice, many get help from others but if they guided you wrongly, which they might have bought for some other specifications then that will not useful for you, once if you decided to buy the sensor you have to more sure about the needs of your choice, you have to Google and then you can get more idea of getting the right drones.

Many use the drone x pro for aerial photography and some for the marine purpose like locating the anchor, shot the schools of fish and many more things happening inside the depth calm ocean. Some small kids and teens buy for the racing and some other normal usage like cameras they use, their usage may differ.

If you consider the sports person they prefer the follow me drones and selfie drones, which is more helpful for them and it is considered to be the best one for them. This selfie drones are best to follow them; it has more features like measuring the time of the players and guide them in a correct way of practice. If follow them through the software attached to it, once if the software is attached the drones will follow the person though the GPS tracer. If the athlete run with attaching his phone with him then this drones will follow them.

These types of selfie drones may vary according to their propellers they have, the propellers are wings attached to the drones they are of tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter and octacopter. It sizes of wings ranges like three, four, six and eight. The cost and other specifications like height they fly, picture quality of the cameras all may change according to their specifications. Once if you go for the best one then go through it. There are many sites available online who sell the drones, go there and select the one which you like most.