Drivers License and Medical Identity Theft

Imagine driving home one night of your work day and you get it by law for a bad rear light on your car. You provide your official information, and then run a regular check of the status database as it begins to write a Fix-It ticket. After a few minutes, he accompanies you and asks you to get out of your car and get your hands on the car without using fake driver license. At this point, you see yourself being picked up by hand and arrested for failing to appear in court for certain DUI violations.

You do nоt hаvе a DUI in your life and you tell the officer that this is a mistake, but the information in your driver’s license exactly matches the information of the court. And the fact is that you go to jail. The next day, you will end up having a lawyer to finally have the chance to prove that you are not the right person, even if you are an exact partner. Now you have to prove that you are NOT YOU! How fast is it?

But it’s not me

This situation occurs more often than you think because license driver identities thieves increase the vulnerability of the system that allows access to other forms of identification such as birth certificates and other IDs issued by the government. And get ready to pay higher insurance premiums or get fake driver license because driver fees excluded from your driving record continue your insurance rates as soon as the insurance company gets accumulated wind points.

Please include time, pain and lawyer fees to try to avoid damage because you are named in a severe violation that you have not committed.

What else can they do for me?

Identity thieves, limited only by their creativity, can also use your information for other things such as medical services. This is a place that gets a lot of press lately because medical identity theft has increased by 5% during this year.

Studies show that there are more than a quarter to half a million people who have been victims of medical identity theft in recent years. These numbers are likely to be low due to the fact that, as with most forms of identity theft, it can go unnoticed for months or even years.

The thief’s use of your medical insurance can infect your medical records with their information and not yours. Do you think your day will be dangerous if there is a drug or medicine you are allergic to show on your card that you have taken?

Correcting medical records can be a nightmare

Errors in medical records are one of the hardest things to discover and fix. If your medical record contains incorrect information that is incorrect and often has no practical way to correct it. When insurance companies and medical institutions access a database constrained to misinformation may be almost impossible, otherwise, it is impossible to correct them at all.

When you next visit your doctor, take a few minutes to check your doctor’s chart and find differences. If there is anything you should give yourself some peace of mind to know that your notes are intact.